“You’re only as good as your last performance!”

I cannot put into words how untrue this statement is! We all have good days and we all have bad days but that’s what makes us stronger. No one ever goes through life without hitting a few rough patches- probably more than they’d like to admit- yet nothing good ever comes out the other side if they let these get them down. The professional performing arts industry isn’t very lenient when it comes to making mistakes and that’s why they’re so hard to deal with when all you know is a stagey life. Knowing your career, reputation and future is on the line can be a mammoth task when you step out to perform, but the one and only thing that overcomes this is the overwhelming passion and love someone has for the stage. As long as you are doing what you love and doing it as well as you can, no one should be able to bring you down! Everyone comes off from that stage thinking about what went wrong and what could be better next time, even Ramin Karimloo and Barbra Streisand walk off disheartened by their performances sometimes, but nothing good ever comes from beating yourself up about something you cannot change. Learning to be proud of yourself and what you achieve without always being so pessimistic is one of the most difficult things a performer has to do, but it’s all worth it in the end when you stand their and take your final bow as leading lady or leading man and realise how many people support you, adore you and love what you do and how you do it! 
If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to believe in you! Remember to keep telling yourself ‘hey, I’m fabulous baby!’


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