Whip Crack Away!

  Calamity Jane is undoubtedly one of the most loved all time classics there is! When watching it, you can’t help but sit there and fight the urge to start doing a hoedown up and down the aisles, but it also portrays a wonderfully inspiring tale too. This tale is hidden in one of the supporting actresses rather than Calamity Jane herself, but it could be regarded as one of the most important messages for young performers to hear. It shows that if you have an intense enough passion for something, you’ll do absolutely anything to make your dreams a reality. The character of Katy Brown demonstrates this exact trait by pretending to be an A-list celebrity just to be able to perform on the stage for once in her life. She does whatever she has to do to make a name for herself, even if it means she has to pretend to be someone else.

This inspires budding performers to carry on working hard and not let anything stop them from doing that. The actress leading the production- Jodie Prenger- had her fair share of troubles whilst working her way to stardom, but despite harsh comments from people such as Cameron Mackintosh during her time on ‘I’d Do Anything’, Jodie persevered and eventually landed at the top where she was always destined to be. 
Upon speaking to Jodie and asking her about what inspired her to become a performer she told me ‘there is no way to explain where the passion comes from. It’s a love that is always inside you.’ Jodie grew up in a B&B with her parents and used to watch people entering reality shows or people singing on the telly. She said to me ”I watched them and always knew that was what I wanted to do, so I willed myself to do whatever it took to make that happen.” Leading ladies and men who have experienced the harshness of the industry are the reason that young performers are so inspired. Watching people who know what you’re going through fills you with that hope that says ‘why shouldn’t that be me one day?’. 
If you want to do something bad enough, you don’t let anyone stop you from doing it. Remember what Calamity Jane once told us all, “I figure if a girl wants to be a legend she should just go ahead and be one!”



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