Welcome to the house of fun!

 A week after West End Live ended, what better way to cure the post gig blues than to go to another one?! They often say that going to concerts and music festivals gives you more of an insight into the human race than anything else. By this I mean, you see some rather interesting people when jumping around and singing at a gig. I literally went from one side of the spectrum to the other within only a week….
West End Live was full of calm, considerate people who all had a passion for the theatre world and were totally in awe of the talent in front of them. No one caused any trouble and people were soaking up the atmosphere like a sponge. However, the Madness concert couldn’t have been any further from that! People jumped around but some just took it too far. People were drunk, some were high off goodness knows what! And the smell of wacky backy (weed!!) lingered in the air for the majority of the concert. Both of the experiences just open your eyes to the crazy people that share this planet with us! But as much as these people are negative and can ruin experiences for others, they sometimes become laughing stock, especially when you’re on the front row and people are being dragged out in front of you!
The entire music industry is ridden with musical references, after all, the main reason I knew those Madness songs so well was because of the Our House musical! A fun loving show that I’ve performed in and had the pleasure of watching! The show tells the story of a young boy Joe Casey and gives us glimpses into his life when he takes the right path and also when he takes the wrong. This story is one that people empathise with and it represents many dilemmas and decisions that people face. 
The concerts I have experienced in the past week have shown me how diverse the human race is and has helped me to be more understanding of people’s life choices. Ultimately, if they want to act that way, who am I to stop them! This weekend was an interesting one, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world!!
“Madness, Madness, they call it Madness!”



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