There’s no place like home!

A lot of people reckon that the only musical theatre worth seeing is that shown on the West End or Broadway. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong!! With the amateur music groups growing in numbers every day, amazing musical theatre may be closer than you think.

Youth theatre is right on the doorsteps of a lot of people, but it often goes unnoticed. Incredible shows are being performed by amateur groups of both youngsters and adults, many to the standard of the West End. The ‘School Editions’ of many musicals allow local groups to perform the most amazing shows, such as Les Mis and The Phantom Of The Opera, whilst giving the same standard performances you’d see in London. Local theatre and talent is often forgotten about or sometimes ignored, but people don’t realise what they’re missing out on! It provides brilliant opportunities for young people and helps open doors into new careers that they may never have considered. Local theatre could be considered one of the most fabulous things around, after all, what could be better than being able to see a marvellous, West End standard production, without needing to travel miles away from home?!

Performing in an amateur youth group also helps children by providing them with a hobby, that equips them with many skills for life. Joining and performing with a youth group often gives young people confidence and teaches them to believe in themselves and aim for the stars. It also helps young performers to become more understanding of the diversity in our society, as musical theatre can be a safe haven for all walks of life. But working with different people is what creates such a sense of unity amongst these groups and forges such a family-like relationship. Friendships made within these groups often become friendships that last for life and, as a performer in a youth group myself, I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t joined my local group and made the friends I have. 

Head over to these websites for amazing local musical theatre around:


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