Where am I going to?

For those who fancy a career in performing arts, choosing the next steps to take can be incredibly difficult. Choosing a pathway that is right for you and will get you to where you want to be is absolutely crucial, no matter what field you want to explore.

People make their way into the musical theatre industry in different ways. Some go down the stage school route, some are lucky and just walk straight into a job, and some are scouted by agents or directors, but no matter how they break into the performing arts world, it takes a lot of HARD WORK. To make it in the industry, you have to be prepared to work your socks off for as long as you need to, and do whatever it takes to get you where you want to be.

Some people have no idea where to start at all, so here at EverythingStagey, we’ve decided to lend a hand and give a bit of advice to those struggling to find a way.

There are many stage schools on offer all over the country, some are local and some are miles away from home. No matter what school you go to, you’ll be singing , dancing and expanding your acting skills all day long, so making sure you’re picking somewhere that suits you is the most import thing! Some people don’t want to travel so far away from home, so the more local facilities will benefit them.

It would be impossible for me to include every single school on offer, so here is just a small handful of colleges available for budding performers.

Northern Ballet School- Manchester

As you may have guessed, the Northern Ballet School is a dance based school, but it offers a variety of dance genres rather than just ballet. Students who graduate leave with the Northern Ballet School Diploma in Professional Dance.


LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts)- Liverpool

LIPA is a great place ‘for people who want to persue a lasting career in the arts and entertainment industry.’ They offer full-time three year BA (Honours) Degree programmes in lots of aspects including acting, dance, music and sound technology. They also offer one year foundation courses and weekly acting classes for 4- 19 year olds, see their website for more information.


Phil Winston’s Theatre Works- Blackpool 

Phil Winston’s is a dance and musical theatre based college. They offer one year foundation courses as well as a full-time three year course. Graduates receive their Theatreworks Diamond & Diploma. There is a lot of emphasis on getting their students into the working world and into the dance or musical theatre industries.



Northern School of Contemporary Dance- Leeds

This is a vocational dance training school that offers a variety of courses. There is a one year foundation course available as well as both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. There are also part-time courses available as well.


SLP (Studio Le Pointe)- Leeds

SLP college is centred around dance and musical theatre and offers brilliant facilities. The college offers full-time three year diploma courses in both musical theatre and dance. There is also a one year foundation course available and a one year postgraduate course on offer.



Arts Ed- London

The president of Arts Ed is none other than Lord Lloyd Webber himself! They offer musical theatre and acting courses as well as weekend courses, evening courses and holiday courses.


Mountview- London

Mountview offer intensive, practical training with all students receiving over thirty hours of teaching each week. They offer both undergraduate and post graduate courses in a variety of aspects including musical theatre and theatre directing.


Laine- Surrey

Laine Theatre Arts aims to provide its students with the broadest spectrum of musical theatre and dance training available. They offer professional training, children’s trading and adult classes too! You can choose to study a level 6 diploma course, a foundation diploma course or a BA (Hons) musical theatre course.


GSA (Guildford School of Acting)- Surrey

Despite its name, GSA is not just centred around acting. They provide courses in different aspects of the musical theatre world. They offer undergraduate BA (Hons) courses in areas such as acting and musical theatre, as well as postgraduate courses such as contemporary theatre making. They also offer part time or foundation courses.


Tring Park- Hertfordshire 

Tring Park is open for students aged 8 all the way to 19. For junior, middle and senior school, the day is split between vocational training and academic studies. For the vocational training there is a variety of courses, see the website for more details!



Amanda Holden- Mountview

Connor Fisher- Mountview

Verity Rushworth- SLP College

Julie Andrews- Arts Ed

Samantha Barks- Arts Ed

Oliver Tomsett- Arts Ed

Ruthie Henshall- Laine

Kerry Ellis- Laine

Bill Nighy- Guildford School of Acting

Ella Henderson- Tring Park


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